Mourning is crucial for healing.

Suffering is optional.

What is grief wellness?

One constant about grief is that it’s unpredictable. Some days, even moments, can seem manageable; others filled with dread, despair and deep pain. Grief is often overpowering and disorienting, bringing with it conflicting emotions like shame, resentment, regret, anger, fear, sorrow, and physical symptoms like headaches, gut health issues and more, that can ultimately make you feel drained, helpless and isolated.

What most people don’t know is that the human experience of grief is so much more than its simple association with bereavement. Grief is a response to the loss of an attachment to a person, pet, lifestyle, possession or identity, which creates these sudden bouts of suffering. It is felt through the whole being. Grief Wellness is an approach to resolving the suffering that accompanies grief through mind-body solutions. When you understand your mind, body and spirit, you learn how to ease your suffering safely and move to a place of acceptance and ease that feels right for you. True healing moves from the inside out.

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When you understand your mind, body and spirit, you are better equipped to navigate through your feelings of grief.

5 Powerful Ways to go from Rundown to Restored in 20 Minutes

Human connection and witnessing are integral to the healing process, but I believe it’s just as important to feel empowered to take care of yourself in times of crisis. I created this quick guide to help you fight the drain on your energy and emotions that leads to burnout.


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