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Boost your Wellness through Spices

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An online experience to cultivate your knowledge of spices

Do you ever wish you could whip up delicious dishes with spices without feeling daunted by them?

Is your method of cooking with spices the sprinkle and pray method?

Would you like to know how do you begin to include all the medicinal value of spices into your wellness?

Whether you are a novice or whiz in the kitchen, this class covers the basics of spices, from purchasing to storing to cooking to wellness.

Join me for this informative online experience from my kitchen, where you’ll learn:

what makes spices nature's weapons against disease

how to use spices as a strategy for weight management, managing cravings, chronic disease prevention, immunity boost, and much more.

my top spice choices for everyday cooking and wellness

About Marelda

Marelda Rodrigues, FMCHC, CNMT, of Move Beyond Grief, is a Grief Massage Therapist, Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, author, speaker, traveler and culinary enthusiast, with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness space. 

Through her grief wellness coaching programs, Marelda helps clients maintain the food and lifestyle habits vital to staying healthy while adapting to and moving through grief, loss, anxiety and high stress. She provides them with the space, tools and resources to live their best lives while honoring their loss and finding their sense of self.

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Boost your wellness with spices


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