Coaching Services

Butterflies were caterpillars before their extreme transformation. Explore the possibilities of yours.


If you have a wellness challenge that’s keeping you in search mode, this one hour strategy session is for you. You may have tried lots of different solutions that haven’t worked, or maybe you’re feeling discouraged because you don’t know where to look or how to begin. In this hour-long call, we unpack your most pressing wellness challenge and create a new plan with strategies that work. Let’s work through it together so you can take control of your wellness with confidence, starting now.


This half day intensive turns your wellness wants into a comprehensive, actionable plan that you can jump into with your entire being. You throw out the “easy button” because you want real life-changing results that will last, and you’re all in. You’ll uncover your real vision, map out what it will take to get there in terms of time, energy and activity, and start implementing by the time the session is complete. Mental and emotional breakthroughs along the way are a bonus, so be prepared! And fun—don’t forget fun, no matter how serious you think your challenge is.


This treatment eases pain and dysfunction to the temporomandibular joint (jaw) stemming from stress-related clenching, grinding, mouth guard and dental hardware issues or CPAP device usage. You’ll feel pain relief and decreased tension in your jaw.

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