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Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 

Post Pandemic Employee and Business Recovery Success For Small Business Owners

Do you feel ready to open the doors and invite customers in confidently? What’s your post pandemic plan to bring your employees back successfully?

One thing is for sure: the pandemic threw you and your employees for a loop.

Through lockdowns, inconsistent information, personal losses, business losses, financial strains, and other challenges, the pandemic has affected the emotional health of so many nationwide.

As a business owner, day after day, did you feel the weight of losing everything you worked hard to build? Did you feel the grief, anxiety, frustration, and hopelessness during the lockdown? Were you forced to layoff some or all of your employees? You had to make some tough decisions in the midst of extreme uncertainty, and it was unnerving. 

Now it’s time to pick up the pieces and move forward, with continued uncertainty. How do you build back your own confidence and plan the return of your employees and customers?

Bringing employees back safely and supportively goes a long way in determining a business’s post pandemic success. This is beyond the basics of new safety requirements, infection control protocols you and your employees have to follow, or some run-of-the-mill HR task with which you must comply.

This is about leading your employees through all the continuous changes as the pandemic still plays out, so they feel confident and in turn, can provide your customers with a great experience. You create your opportunity to win, for your employees and customers.

You can’t afford not to have a plan because it will cost you time, money, and your reputation, not to mention losing good employees permanently if they aren’t well prepared.

This major step of reintroducing employees to the workplace, even if you may have been partially functioning throughout, needs special considerations, training and preparation.

If you want to accelerate your business in a post pandemic world, and recover lost business and profits, addressing employee wellbeing is imperative.

This is where I can help you.

Through The Post Pandemic Employee and Business Recovery Success For Small Business Owners program, I help you plot a new course to profitable outcomes through your human capital, simply and seamlessly.

Post Pandemic Employee and Business Recovery Success For Small Business Owners is a 3-part program:

Part 1: Foundation session with business owner to uncover (2 hours):

  • What was and wasn’t working with employees pre pandemic
  • Current business challenges post pandemic
  • Current employee challenges post pandemic
  • Review of current staff and staffing needs
  • Determine course of action to bring employees back to the workplace supportively and safely

Part 2: Workshop for business owner and employees to review (2 hours):

  • emotional wellbeing 
  • simple self care plan
  • strategies for continued employee wellness

Part 3: Package of 4 x 60-minute workplace wellness coaching sessions:

Each group coaching sessions will address health challenges ranging from anxiety, sleep loss, unexplained aches and pains, food intolerances, mood swings, stress and much more.

How your business benefits from this program:

  • Higher trust and sense of belonging among employees in an uncertain time that may have affected them personally.
  • Faster acclimation to a workplace that has to comply with new rules of business and health.
  • Simple steps to ensure employee mental and emotional wellbeing that aligns with your brand, mission and company values.
  • Increased employee retention and productivity at a crucial time, and minimize costs of new hires and related training.
  • Enhanced customer experience through employee satisfaction and renewed team spirit.

Make your business even more successful than it was, instead of worrying about how or if your business will make it.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to achieve post pandemic employee and business success on your terms!

About Marelda

Marelda Rodrigues, FMCHC, CNMT, is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, author, and life and culinary enthusiast with 20 years of experience in the health and wellness space. 

Marelda is also a former HR professional with varied experience in the retail, hospitality and software development industries. She has served in the HR role with dot coms, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Her experience includes helping employees post 9/11, leading through unexpected organizational restructuring, and managing HR in a high growth company that won the Inc  500 award twice.

Through her health and wellness coaching programs, Marelda helps clients maintain the mindset, food and lifestyle choices vital to their long term wellness, and provides them with the space, tools and resources to help them feel confident, resilient and deeply content. Within workplaces, she helps employers create wellness programs and supportive cultures.


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