Do you feel like your loss has put you in a suffocating bottomless freefall, leaving you hopeless, anxious, sorrowful, and exhausted?

Would it feel better to have a place to land, and feel safe and supported?

The Griever’s Creed is a short audio program that provides messages of hope, comfort and encouragement, reminding you that despite the deep pain of loss, you will find a way to heal and move forward. 

Each event of loss has its unique challenges. The uncertainty of grief is stressful and confusing. The Griever’s Creed is a whole being approach that helps you find your safe space, and keep your wellness front of mind at a time when it is most vulnerable to illness.

The Griever's Creed


It’ll help you to know that you’re not alone in your grief journey, and provide the comfort, support, hope and encouragement you are seeking.

Each section has its own audio to learn more about breathing belief into grief with Grief Wellness, making your experience more meaningful, and help you focus on some positive aspects of grief, such as cherishing memories or finding strength in each new day.

The accompanying worksheets will help you decide on simple actions to take to move from numbness and pain to feeling safe and hopeful in spite of the loss(es)

Moving through this simple program will do wonders for your peace of mind, your overall wellness, and your belief in yourself as you work through the unpredictability of grief.


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