Massage Services

Massage Therapy has a history of healing for over 5000 years. Include it in yours.


Massage Therapy is more that an indulgent way to pamper yourself. It is a therapeutic bodywork that can relieve both emotional and physical suffering and ultimately changes how your body functions. Emotional pain is processed in the same area of the brain as physical pain, and my massage practice is steeped in an awareness of how feelings and emotions are grounded in the body, shaping everyday moods and experiences.

I get to know you through a detailed intake before the session because it helps me identify the root causes of your issues and design the best treatment plan to address and resolve them. It also helps me formulate a post-massage care plan to extend the effects. You’ll learn simple daily care tips to manage the progressive effects of aging, stress, injury, poor posture and other health conditions. Feeling the deep tranquility and restoration after a good massage is great motivation to maintain other self-care practices.


This treatment relieves chronic muscle tension and pain stemming from too much sitting or standing, lack of exercise, weight imbalances, injuries, overuse of personal devices or athletic training. You’ll feel balanced and at ease in your entire body.


This treatment is a gentle and slow-paced massage designed to relieve muscle tension, anxiety, racing thoughts, sleep disturbances, sorrow and exhaustion that accompany grief and high stress resulting from any kind of loss. You’ll feel a comforting sense of calm, hope and lightness.


This treatment eases pain and dysfunction to the temporomandibular joint (jaw) stemming from stress-related clenching, grinding, mouth guard and dental hardware issues or CPAP device usage. You’ll feel pain relief and decreased tension in your jaw.

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“Marelda understands not only how the physical body works, but also understands the emotional side and that combination leads to an amazing experience.”