Maintaining Momentum Strategy Call

Identify 3 key areas to address immediately, and plan out steps to get you into action and out from under the weight of grief.


This offer ends on April 15, 2022.

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Grief is looming over you and it feels heavy.

How do you get back to business, family, and your life when your brain feels like mush and your body just wants to lay around or hibernate?

How do you feel any semblance of normalcy so you can stop feeling inwardly conflicted?

You just learned the most important steps to take. But how exactly do you put them into practice or make them flow seamlessly?

Well, you book a Maintaining Momentum Strategy Call with me.

In 60-minutes, we’ll identify 3 key areas to address immediately, and plan out steps to get you into action and out from under the weight of grief.

This is a special offer for if you want to get into action and manage grief without suffering through the journey, and are willing to stay open to working through a plan that may feel challenging but knowing there is support.

Start feeling better from Day 1

Book your Maintaining Momentum Strategy Call. This strategy call is usually $397. But with this special event, I’m offering this call at just $297.

One hour. Get out from under the angst, confusion and discouragement.

This offer ends on April 15, 2022. Complete your purchase by April 15, and book and complete your call by May 15, 2022.

Give to yourself so you can give to others who you serve.

If you want an extraordinary life, from which you aren’t finding ways to escape, let’s do this!

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Marelda Rodrigues specializes in Grief Wellness, through which she helps her clients feel comforted and empowered when they’re in grief, through her whole person care that includes massage therapy, nutrition, movement, mindset, connection and sleep solutions. Her clients emerge from their transformation feeling revitalized, confident, and powerful.

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