Do you feel like loss has turned your body into a space that’s uncomfortable and yet there’s no escape?

Do any of these seem familiar?

  • Racing thoughts
  • Stifling anxiety
  • Elusive sleep
  • Tense neck and shoulders
  • Clenched jaw
  • Phantom aches
  • Tightened chest
  • Recurring headaches and colds 
  • Relentless exhaustion
  • Dizzying dreams
  • Churning stomach
  • Tiresome mood swings

You are in the grip of grief, a very normal response to loss, and it feels daunting, heavy and seemingly never ending.

The Griever's Creed

The effects of grief hijack your body as a way to protect you through a painful and threatening time.

You cannot just get rid of it.

You cannot talk your way out of it.

You cannot distract yourself or avoid the discomfort for long.

Its claws dig in and clamp down.

What is possible is to follow a simple plan that addresses the protective mechanisms and help them to slowly ease up so you can restore your wellbeing. 

This is Grief Wellness, a system that brings you the very relief you’re seeking from the grips of grief.

The ABCs of Grief Wellness introduces you to a new understanding of how grief shows up in the body, and how, when left untended, takes you from wellness to illness easily.

In this audio program, you learn exactly how:

  • The body communicates its needs while dealing with grief.
  • Ingrained misunderstanding keeps you stuck and circling in despair.
  • Simple tools and actions provide traction out of darkness.

Grief Wellness is the balm to the emotional wounds created by loss.

When you learn the simple basics, you can rise up from the chaos of suffering, and move into a calmer space where you can mourn healthily, and see the glimmers of hope.


It’ll help you to work with your body and mind in a way that feels soothing, show you why some of the traditional ways of dealing with grief don’t work, and how to move in the direction of mastering grief and feeling hopeful.

Each audio bite is easy to understand, simple to follow and soothes the sensory overload.

Focusing on where and how to move forward in your health creates shifts that may not be noticeable at first, but then bring you to the very outcomes you longed for.

Learn why focusing on the mind and leaving your body out of healing efforts allows grief to sink in further, ultimately exhausting you and moving you quickly down the path of illness.

Moving through this simple program opens you up to simple healing options you may not have known existed, thereby increasing your chances of engaging in empowering practices and achieving lifelong results.

Why drag on surviving in sorrow, when you can thrive in spite of your losses, and feel healthier in your body, mind and spirit?


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