Thriving After Loss VIP Day

Heal, Grow and Transform:

Let’s effortlessly build the path to the future version of you;

the one you long to be now.

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Is this the current version of you?

  • Surviving the daily grind, doing the things you tolerate and feel you have to do, because you believe that no one else can or is willing to do any of the items on your list.
  • A calendar filled with all the health appointments that you call self care. Yet none of them seem to bring relief from the heaviness of grief, or address the tension and ailments you feel in your body.
  • Your mind, wrapped in grief and numbed by stress, is either jumping from thought to thought at an alarming speed, or is dragging just to make a decision, leaving you frustrated and feeling hopeless.

This current version of you feels everything is difficult in body, mind and moods.

You keep repeating things like:

“I need to lose weight.”
“I wish I slept better.”
“Why am I so tired and feel so far behind everyday?”
“I just want the pain to stop.”
“I don’t know how to feel better; I’ve tried everything.”

Now, imagine this future version of you.

  • Waking up fully rested and even keeled in your energy levels all day, feeling peaceful and moving calmly through your daily activities.
  • Feeling the full benefits of two to three simple self-care activities daily, without even leaving your house; no traffic, and more ease with your schedule.
  • Your mind is quiet, and you live in body bliss; feeling grounded, energized and a deep sense of well-being that helps you maintain stable moods, complete thoughts, and the lightness in being.

This future self feels harmonious in body, mind and moods: every single day. 

Now you’re saying:

“I sleep right through the night, thank goodness.”
“I have all the energy and focus I need throughout the day.”
“Why did it take me so long to just learn how to care for myself this way?”
“I can’t believe how much has changed. I’m such a different person and so much happier.”
“I never knew that eating the right foods for my body could make such a difference on the inside and outside.”

Is your current self feeling a few shoe sizes too small, but you’re not sure where to start with making changes, which in turn feels daunting?

Is grief adding to this with deep rooted heaviness?

I’m taking a wild guess that you’d rather be your future self today, radiating peace, confidence and wellbeing from your core to your outside world right now.

I can help!

With the Thriving After Loss VIP Day.


Have you ever thought about taking a day just for your wellness?
It’s like a spa day or a day off, just to map out your wellness, release clutter, and revive your spark.
With hope and rediscovered greatness, you’ll let go of poor beliefs and unnecessary baggage.
You’ll see grief in a completely different light.

We’ll build the path to the future version of you, the one with which you want to desperately replace the current version of you.

Are you thinking,”Why would I put aside a whole day? That’s a lot of time, and I’m busy.”
I agree.

Let me ask you these important questions:

  • When was the last time you did a complete overhaul on your wellness, and created a blueprint to use through this year and upcoming decades?
  • Did you hold yourself fully accountable, or did you back down when something felt difficult?
  • How many mind monkeys and distractions did you entertain?
  • How much self doubt and self criticism did you tolerate and then become discouraged?

Go ahead, tell me. When was the last time?

Becoming your future self takes an “all in” type dedication and effort. This is the part that feels hard when you go it alone.

You derail at the slightest difficulty, and give in to distractions and dabbling with only the pieces that are easy.

Or you make excuses and tell yourself stories about why you’re unable to get through.

I see it all the time.

In fact, I was there once, and had to get the right support and accountability to move through the tough spots.

If it were easy, everyone would be fit, wealthy and living their dream life.

Also, you don’t know what you don’t know.
I call those blind spots, and I bring them into your line of vision, so you can focus on the changes that matter in bringing your future self to the present.

Whatever you pieced together through blogs, magazines, videos, influencer websites and social media clips is written for the masses.

They’ve raised your awareness, but the guidance is not customized for you and your current needs and loss(es).
This is why you aren’t already tuned into your future self.

If you’ve tried time and again, resource after resource, and still don’t know why you’re not feeling amazing in all aspects of your health, and you’re further bogged down with grief and stress, it’s time to give yourself a chance.

It’s time to learn what’s keeping you at a distance from the version of you that you want so badly.

You deserve to have the life and wellness of your future self now.

This is where I come in and tell you with tough love:

You have some great habits.
But something needs to shift and you have no idea what it is.
If you did, you’d already be enjoying the thriving future version of you, peacefully and calmly.
And you’d have a plan for each year and decade of your life moving forward.
This outdated current version of yourself has to go: it’s holding you back.

Consistently keeping yourself in this holding pattern of hopes, old resources, missed results, and discouragement, keeps you in survival and fear-based reactive wellness.

This gets more complex and heavy when a layer of grief from each loss is added in.

Wouldn’t you rather upgrade your wellness habits in a way that you yearn for but can’t seem to bring to reality?
Wouldn’t you rather achieve what you really want?

This is how we’ll work through during our time together:

  • Focussed learning and activities to upgrade your wellness system and resources – this is you creating the blueprint of the future version of you.
  • A full declutter of what is not serving you – this is you getting very honest with yourself.
  • A reset to your wellness path from which to step back into your world and apply what you’ve learned – this is you writing your plan of action.
  • Setting you up for success and confidence that is self motivating on your continued journey to your future self – this is you gathering momentum.

You’ve probably upgraded your wardrobe, your phone, your car and other items over the years.

Now, upgrade your wellness with a long term plan, short term goals and simple actions steps, so you can thrive!

Just imagine how you’ll feel after spending a day focussed completely on your wellness.

Ready for a transformation?

Let’s make the shift to your future self happen now!

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Marelda Rodrigues specializes in Grief Wellness, through which she helps her clients feel comforted and empowered when they’re in grief, through her whole person care that includes massage therapy, nutrition, movement, mindset, connection and sleep solutions. Her clients emerge from their transformation feeling revitalized, confident, and powerful.

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