Mourning is crucial for healing.

Suffering is optional.

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I create wellness plans that address suffering and angst.

Calm the Body & Mind

Massage Therapy helps calm the body and mind, and brings in a feeling of lightness and control.



Be Replenished

Functional Nutrition helps replenish the nutrients depleted by stress, which can alleviate aches and pains, exhaustion, foggy thinking and forgetfulness, and restless sleep.



Shift Out of Suffering

Lifestyle changes like exercise, connecting with those we love, engaging in hobbies can change emotions and bring on the shifts out of suffering..





An initial phone consultation is required to determine the best treatment that aligns with your health profile. All treatments are customized to address imbalances and create a sense of wellbeing.


All treatments are conducted in compliance with CDC recommendations/restrictions with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the current time, all massages require a mask to be worn for the duration of the massage, regardless of vaccination status.


NeuroMuscular Therapy

A soft tissue massage that relieves chronic muscle tension and pain by addressing nervous system dysfunction, circulation, postural imbalances, and repetitive movement strains and injuries. This treatment is suitable for back, neck, shoulder, hips, and shoulder problems. This is a client favorite because of the painfree approach that still gets the results of increased muscle and joint, decreased chronic pain and long term resolution.

Grief Massage

A gentle and slow paced massage designed to address the symptoms of grief such as muscle tension, anxiety, racing brain, sleep disturbances, sorrow and exhaustion. This comforting treatment identifies where the client is holding their emotion in the tissues and releases it. Clients report a feeling of lightness, calm and increased wellbeing. Suitable for any level of grief and any loss event (recent loss, old loss, multiple losses, anticipated loss, complicated loss, compassionate fatigue).
SPECIAL NOTE: This treatment may not be suitable to address trauma exclusively, but can be part of a collaborative trauma treatment plan alongside trauma therapists and medical practitioners.

TMJ Dysfunction Treatment

An intra oral therapeutic massage to address dysfunction to the TemporoMandibular Joint (jaw) stemming from clenching, grinding, mouth guard and dental hardware issues, and CPAP devices.


Butterflies were caterpillars before their extreme transformation. Explore the possibilities of yours..

  • “I’ve tried every diet and I just can’t lose the weight. It’s so frustrating.”
  • “My muscles are always so stiff and my joints ache.”
  • “I don’t have any willpower. It is what it is.”
  • “I have so many issues with digestion. I just keep taking my medication but it doesn’t help.”
  • “I just don’t feel like I have energy when I wake up. I’m always tired and overwhelmed.”

Do any of these sound like the dialogue in your head or with someone?

Do you currently feel like your wellness plan is a quilt with patches from websites, social media, memes and internet promises? You do all the things and still no results.

Maybe, you have all the good intentions but are unable to stay consistent with all the steps to keep you on track and get to your wellness goals. A week on any plan and then it goes by the wayside.

Small steps repeated consistently become habits. But they have to be given the time, space and energy to get there. This can bring up feelings of impatience, discouragement and anxiousness that send you off track, which further spirals you downward into self blame and other negativity.

What if you put in the work in a collaborative, supportive, non judgemental space? How would that be different, knowing you had every opportunity to succeed and have the wellness you so badly want.

In a coaching session, I don’t tell you what to do. That is never a recipe for long term success, and will keep you completely dependent on what I say, even when it may not be the right solution.

To build wellness skills for life, I help you identify blindspots, conflicting habits, inaccurate information, and the “whys” behind your lack of success thus far. We explore possibilities you may never have considered in general or for yourself. We create steps and structure that keep you moving forward.

The magic happens where you gain and knowledge of information and apply it to make simple tweaks and achieve your heart’s desire. Learning how to measure your progress and use the right tools helps you recreate this process anytime you want to make enhancements in any area of your wellness.

All coaching calls require an initial consultation to determine the best course of action.  All sessions are virtual.

Here are some ways we can work together.

Wellness Is Simple
60 minute strategy call

You have an area of wellness that’s keeping you in an eternal search mode. You may be feeling discouraged when you either don’t know where to look, how to start solving the problem, or both. In this strategy call, in an hour, we tackle your most pressing wellness challenge. Let’s put a fine toothed comb through it and uncover the messes, so you can walk away confidently with strategies that work.

Ready For A Big Change
3 Hour Intensive

ou have a set of wellness wants, and are ready to get them, beyond a shadow of a doubt, because you know it’s lifechanging in the way you yearn for. You throw out the easy button because that’s for amateurs. In 3 hours, you’ll uncover your real vision and wants, map out what it’ll take to get there in terms of time, energy and activity, and start implementing by the time the session is complete. Mental and emotional breakthroughs along the way are bonus, so be prepared. And fun; don’t forget fun, no matter how serious you think your challenge is!

Transform Me Totally
6 Month Program

You’re done with the small patch it and play programs, diets, supplements, and most importantly, overwhelm The ultimate program starts with deep clarity on all your wellness successes, challenges, history and wants. You’ll learn exactly what will accelerate your progress and work through staying on course. You’ll create a framework with daily steps and weekly review to take stock. Each month has 3 60-minute coaching calls to support your activities, and an implementation week where you’ll catch up in some areas and apply new information in others. You’ll have access to me through emails and text. You don’t need any permission. You just need support and accountability.

If you buy based on price, you get what you pay for.

If you buy based on results, you get what you want.

~ Brian Cristiano @boldceo


Thank you so much for checking in. Right away that afternoon that I felt more present in my body and the tense nervous energy I am so used to was gone. It really felt like something had physically left me (in a good way).

I went home and ate some good food, wrote a letter to the part of myself that was healing (plus some more journaling) and did a tarot reading. The feeling of being more safe and comfortable in my body lingered for a few days, and I think it will probably have a lasting effect

Thanks again for the amazing experience. I am going to see how this goes but I’d love to stay in touch!

Kelsey H.

I feel so much lighter this evening.

Audrey Weildman

I am happy to provide you with a testimonial. My Chiro noticed. It’s hard not too. So much tension realeased



Marelda Rodrigues

Grief Massage Therapist, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach


I’m Marelda. Between my personal experience with grief and those of others, it became apparent to me that there weren’t many options to address grief from the inside out, and separate suffering from the mourning.


I, like many others, have experienced multipe losses. The most impactful was losing my mom back in 1999. My dad and I had two completely different experiences with grief. I was in massage school getting at least 2-3 massages per week, with a loving network of friends to support me. I went through mourning, but I was spared any major ill effects of grief on my health.

My dad had never imagined life without my mom, and he plunged into despair. His health took a nosedive as well, and he suffered from blood sugar imbalances, heart issues and brain fog. Interestingly, since he lived in India, he had access to Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine), but he was caught up in shock and poor health. Slowly, one day at a time, he began to follow the Ayurvedic principles of wellness and slowly clawed his way back to some normalcy in his life and stability in his health.


As a massage therapist and a health coach, I do everything I can not to have the chronic illnesses that run rampant in my family. Watching my dad’s and my separate journeys, I am convinced that a body that is well prepared for any level of loss suffers less and allows a better opportunity for mourning and reconciliation.

As an educator and learner, I spend time helping clients really understand their body, mind and spirit. I believe when they know better, they can do better.


Suffering is optional and can be addressed through mind-body solutions. Mourning is a journey without a timeline that culminates in some form of acceptance and surrender.

Grief is the loss of attachment to a person, pet, lifestyle or possession that creates changes in the body, mind and spirit. The changes may feel uncomfortable, heavy, overbearing, stressful distressing, or even numbing. They may show up as symptoms directly or indirectly related to the loss.


Move Beyond Grief provides support through grief and loss using massage therapy, mental and emotional wellness tools, and food and lifestyle solutions that ease the suffering.


Move Beyond Grief eases the suffering of grief and loss through simple wellness strategies that accelerate healing and hope, build resilience and create peaceful, healthy communities worldwide.

Client Struggles

When clients seek me out and come to work with me, they are struggling or stuck in the weight of grief. They may feel these signs and symptoms (suffering):

  • Deep exhaustion
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Inability to feel hunger, or eat even when hungry
  • Poor sleep or sleeplessness
  • Unexplained aches
  • Low or no motivation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Overwhelm 

Does this sound like you and what you’re feeling?

These symptoms can make mourning feel difficult and neverending.
What if you could change that stuck feeling and these symptoms?Addressing suffering, through massage therapy, nutrition and lifestyle changes, allows grief to be safely witnessed, which brings a sense of relief, and makes mourning feel less heavy and suffocating.

My clients feel ready to take the next steps in their healing journey, mainly by addressing their symptoms and elevating their wellness and they address their symptoms. They like the holistic, educational, empathic and supportive approach, as they put in the daily effort and do the work that helps them heal. Their reward is feeling lighter, more in control, and unwavering confidence in getting through each day. This makes mourning more bearable, as each person’s timeline and experience with grief recovery is unique and personal.

It’s not a matter of letting go – you would if you could. Instead of “Let it go”, we should probably say “LET IT BE”.

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Grief Massage and Wellness support your mourning journey.


Reduce stress, sleep restfully, restore calm, feel strong, eat nourishingly, release anxiety, and raise hope.

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