This workshop will help you prioritize Grief Wellness to heal your body and mind, as well as set up a personalized plan with simple steps to keep you on track.


Have you experienced loss that’s keeping you overwhelmed, numb or paralyzed, making just getting through the simplest daily activities feel difficult?

How about that fog you feel you’re moving through, feeling like your brain isn’t working?

Or maybe, the loss was a while back, and you thought you had overcome grief. But it seems to play at a low hum in the background of your life, becoming painfully loud unpredictably.

Grief is a natural emotional response to loss, and it can feel very large and threatening, leaving you feeling uncertain, disoriented, powerless and hopeless.

It is a draining experience, when your body and mind feel at odds, and inner conflict seems never ending.

That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place to help manage the unknowns and bring certainty to a challenging time.

Thriving After Loss: Calming Uncertainty With Grief Wellness

Is the only resource you’ll need to learn simple but long lasting ways to heal your mind and body.

This workshop will help you:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of how grief hijacks your health.
  2. Learn why Grief Wellness is your “must have” during recovery.
  3. Create a simple personalized Grief Wellness plan to find meaning and purpose in your life again.
  4. Move from Surviving with grief to Thriving in spite of grief.

Don’t let grief control your life. Take control of your healing journey and invest in your wellness today.

Thriving After Loss: Calming Uncertainty With Grief Wellness

Is a “must-have” for someone who:

  • Is facing a recent loss
  • Has had multiple losses
  • Is supporting someone experiencing loss
  • Is anticipating a loss
  • Is working through life changes
  • Is experiencing high levels of stress connected to loss professionally or personally
  • Is expected to lead small or large groups of people through loss
  • Understands that loss is a normal cycle and wants to be resilient in spite of it.

Managing Uncertainty is the fastest way to ease suffering through grief and start thriving in spite of it.

Make Grief Wellness a priority now.

This workshop is normally $125, but through this special offer, you can purchase it and dive right in for just $99. You won’t see this offer anywhere else.

Marelda Rodrigues specializes in Grief Wellness, through which she helps her clients feel comforted and empowered when they’re in grief, through her whole person care that includes massage therapy, nutrition, movement, mindset, connection and sleep solutions. Her clients emerge from their transformation feeling revitalized, confident, and powerful.

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